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The babydoll nightie was introduced in the 1956 film by Elia Kazan starring Carroll Baker. Since then it has been one of the most popular articles of sexy lingerie. A babydoll is at once flirty, feminine, sweet and seductive. Great for a warm summer evening. At Peaches and Screams we are proud to offer you a wide selection of baby dolls for every occasion. And all but one include a matching panty, and most are available in plus size. Lingerie just doesn't get any sweeter.. So light some candles, open a bottle of good wine and have an evening you won't soon forget!

This Valentine’s Day spice up your bedroom with sexy lingerie. Your lady will love to seduce you wearing one of our sexy numbers. The tantalizing sight of the woman you long to seduce will turn you on to no end. Imagine her wearing exotic Peaches and Screams lingerie in your bedroom. And imagine taking it off her or simply working around it. Picture her nipples, hard, yearning for your touch. Remember Valentine’s Day sexy lingerie negligee is what every woman wants for this special day. These beautiful babydolls are soft and sensual. With beautiful lace trimming a gorgeous babydoll, you won't be able to keep your hands and mouth off of her. The soft silky babydoll brings sexy into your bedroom. Get ready for a romantic night or a hot and wild night when you see her wearing one of our babydolls from our sexy lingeries shop. Be patient as you wait for her permission to run your hands across the delicate fabric hugging her skin. Now close your eyes and think of the places you like to take the woman you desire. With an open bottom and fluffy accents, our see-through negligee is sure to please you both. Unwind and allow your fingers and mouth to find all her pleasure places while she’s still dressed. Before you tease it off her, be sure to dazzle your eyes with the image of her breasts and hard nipples peeking through the soft fabric. Bask in the visual of her breasts peeking through the top of our babydoll lingerie. If waiting to touch her breasts is too much for your firm body to handle, just imagine the sight of her sexy tummy through the polka dot fabric of a pink babydoll. She’s waiting for your touch. Fill your eyes with her sexy body wrapped in the lace. Send your eyes traveling over the peek a boo sections in the lace across her gorgeous stomach or under her firm breasts still awaiting your touch. Fill your senses with your woman in a sexy babydoll negligee from Peaches and Screams. We have many to choose from. You don’t need just one. You can get one for the bedroom and one for her to wear to work under her clothes so she’s thinking of you and your evening for the entire day until you meet again. She could cover her breasts in netted fabric or leave them out for your mouth to find quickly. Let her seduce your visual senses. Our babydolls are made of the best, most sensual materials. Made for sex appeal, our lingerie makes any woman irresistible. With fabric conforming to each woman’s body, showing off legs, breasts, gorgeous tummies, and tight asses is what sexy lingerie does best. Think of you both this Valentine’s Day. Pick up a sexy negligee for your woman today and have your mind blown when you see her wearing the gift that gives to you both.

Baby Doll Lingerie: Not that Innocent

Although baby doll lingerie may sound sweet and innocent, it is anything but nice! These perfectly sweet looking outfits may look like an angel, but they ooze sexiness and seduction, making them perfect for any devil in your life. What is the real draw behind baby doll lingerie? It may be that naïve, innocent look on the surface that reveals much, much more underneath? Or it may be the ruffles, lace, ribbons, and satin that accents the body in all the right places? Or it could be the fact that most baby dolls are super short and ultra low cut, leaving little to the imagination. Whatever the reason, this type of lingerie is incredibly popular and always on the top of the best seller list.

For all the guys out there, baby doll lingerie is not something that was designed for dolls to wear (although sometimes, they are small enough for doll clothing), but rather are shorter than other types of lingerie. Unlike teddies, baby doll lingerie does not have attachable bottoms, so you should also think about including a set of panties in your gift if not otherwise included. Baby doll lingerie comes in all types of colors, styles, and materials available, so you are sure to find the perfect one for that special lady in your life.

Typically, baby doll lingerie is made in two different main styles. The first style is much like a shortened nightgown, often stopping high on the thighs. Furthermore, this style of baby doll is quite wide and may resemble a bell, especially with versions that have marabou feathers or some other type of trim on the hem. The second type of baby doll lingerie is made to attach in the center (usually by a tie or clasp) in order to form the bra. This type of night wear is left to fly away on either side, leaving the center of the body exposed. Underwear is necessary for this style of baby doll lingerie, and with most of the other styles, especially when the material is sheer.

When it comes to underwear to pair with your baby doll lingerie, the crowd favorite is by far the thong. Thong underwear are especially popular with the male crowd as they cover even less skin than bikini panties. Keeping on the “less is more” track, the g-string type of bikini underwear bares even more skin and is often paired with baby doll lingerie. Finally, a growing trend is the boy short, but be careful to avoid creating a bulky look beneath lingerie made with thicker materials. Consider pairing your boy short undies with a type of baby doll that ties in the middle and exposes that area to prevent excess layers from creating a heavier look. Regardless what type of underwear you choose to pair with a baby doll, be sure that the colors, patterns, or materials are matching or coordinating.

Baby doll trends literally run the gamut from sweet to sexy to sophisticated. Take a blast from the past and drench yourself in pink gauzy material that is lined with white feathers. Who could resist such a classic pairing of colors and materials? You’ll look just like a retro Playboy Bunny! Take the sweet approach by sticking to the trinity of lace, satin, and ribbons. This trio of materials is guaranteed to make a beautiful baby doll that screams innocence and virginity (even if its wearer is saying something different). For a sexy look, channel your inner wild thing and enjoy animal prints to get in the mood or think sophisticated and don a sheer black number that will have his heart pounding.

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