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Happy Valentine’s Day! Oil up and slip slide away to orgasmic bliss with the line of erotic massage oils at Peaches and Screams. Give the gift of massage this year. Load up on scented oils and tasty oils. Cover yourselves in oils that will bring you closer together and help you to glide to ecstasy. A full body massage for you both will make your skin soft and supple giving you the means to get closer. Slide your hands and fingers all over your partner’s body. The right oils can lube up any orifice making it ready for your cock or your fingers. Tasty lubes can make oral sex tastier for you both. Lick and suck on natural juice while feeling the warmth of the lube heating up your sensitive spots. Find their erogenous zones with quick motion glide across their skin. There are so many ways you can be loving and gentle with your partner. Oils are certainly one of them. Oils can help you get kinky as well. There is nothing quite like a good warming oil to turn up the heat. Rub down his cock with an oil that moves his skin from head down and the shaft making for a quick glide. Add some joy to her clit and rub her gently at first then more fiercely with the ease of a good oil. Set the mood you are looking for with scented candles. The aroma of a great scented candle will guide you both along your Valentine’s Day journey. Candles can turn you on and heighten your senses with a strong musk making you feel horny. Or they can send more subtle messages of romance with flower scents such as lavender or vanilla. No matter the mood you are trying to set for this Valentine’s Day, Peaches and Screams has the finest in body safe lubes, lotions, and oils. A little lotion added to your bodies before sex can awaken your senses, change your mood, and even add to the intensity of your orgasms together. With your fingers, place a little warming oil on your clit while he’s fucking you. Your happy little clit will swell and be ready to cum harder and maybe even sooner. Add a vibrator with a sizzling oil or lube for the squirting orgasm you’ve always wanted. Sexual wellness is important with couples. Peaches and Screams also has lubes to make penetration easier for you both. The slick glide will his cock be slippery, sliding in and out with ease. It will also help his lover by slicking her pussy even more or his anus to make that glide better. Peaches and Screams prides ourselves in offering everything you need for a greater sex life. We also know how special Valentine’s Day is for many couples. Make this year shine with our oils, lubes, lotions, and scented candles. Buy Valentines Day erotic massage oil, lotions & bath salts at Peaches & Screams UK online sex shop. Browse sensual massage candles, edible chocolate body paint, massage oil, massage lubricants.

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