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Ribbons and lace. Sex appeal and hot nights. The Valentine’s Day shop at Peaches and Screams has everything you need to turn up the heat. Tease your senses and those of your partner with sexy undergarments. With pinstripes and tiny bows, you can follow her treasure map to the greatest of all treasures. Crotchless G-Strings leave little to the imagination but still allow you to tug and pull with your teeth to get to her. Wet will be an understatement when she finally receives your touch after you’ve played with her Peaches and Screams Sexy Panties. Search through our selection of Sexy Panties and Knickers for the Valentine’s Day gift you’ve been searching for. Give for your partner to wear. Give to yourself so your partner can look at your hot body in a G-String. Have you ever wanted to see the look a lover gives when they unwrap a surprise such as your tight ass in hot panties? Buy today and share the excitement. Your lover will surely be ready to dive in once their package is open and ready for consumption. Some sexy panties are strappy and revealing. Some are colorful and seductive. At Peaches and Screams, we pride ourselves in only the hottest, sexiest panty selection available. Transparent mesh with peek a boo bodies or panties without crotch material for easy touching. You name it, we have it. We want you and your lover to find aesthetically pleasing as well as sexually fulfilling lingerie to complete the journey to the best sex you’ve had. Mix and match Sexy Thongs in a gift box for the gift of excitement to get her hot and bothered. Ready for to be touched, she’ll yield to you. Take control in the bedroom with the confidence your woman will have when she is wearing Sexy Panties from Peaches and Screams. Say Happy Valentine’s Day to the woman you still dream of. Awaken your entire body when you see her wearing something hot and enticing. Order today with no hassle and discreet ordering and shipping.


Knickers are an everyday essential we can never do without in our lingerie collection! Whether you are looking for ultra comfort or something a little lacy, here at Peaches and Screams we have a huge selection of knickers in every shape and style imaginable! With brands such as Triumph, Sloggi and Gossard, premium quality and long lasting knickers is something that we stand by! Our favourite knickers are the basics that you can wear every day and team with a great bra that will accentuate your figure.

Our favourite knickers at Peaches and Screams come in a wide variety of styles, from briefs to shorts, thongs to french kickers and frilly and lace we have a great range of knickers perfect for every occasion.

Knickers Online

Knickers online has never been easier. Buying knickers online makes things so much easier as you can buy in bulk and don’t have to go to the shops to buy them you can also make sure you buy them as part of a set and choose your size and colour you specify easily.


The most standard shape of knickers are briefs are most famous that we stock are the Sloggi Maxi Briefs which are so comfortable and breathable. Our great range of briefs and knickers are made from a wide range of materials from cotton to polyester and satin.


Shorts are a great alternative to a brief or a standard shape of kickers. The perfect pair of shorts are figure hugging and give a boyish edge to something that is usually quite feminine. Shorts are great knickers as you can get them in cotton or satin and in comfortable materials and they allow ease of movement as well as being quite covering of your whole bum area but sexy at the same time. The perfect knickers if you have a boyish figure.


A great range of knickers include a great thong. A sexy alternative to a brief or a french knicker as it will show off a lot of flesh so is a very sexy look. If you want to cover up more opt for a pair of knickers. If you are more daring a thong is a great alternative.


G-string knickers are a sexy daring look. Wear with a great bra if you are brave enough to show off so much we have a few available in different colours under our knickers section.

Frilly Knickers

Frilly knickers are a playful, sweet and sexy idea, worn with a normal t-shirt bra these kickers can really play up your look and cause an impact. These knickers are best not worn under tight fitting clothes as they will be visible however worn alone these knickers are cute and flirty.

French Knickers

French knickers are a great staple for your knickers draw. French knickers are sexy and covering at the same time and if you feel daring enough go for a pair of lacy french knickers, if not go for some satin or silk french knickers, the benefits of french knickers are they are very comfortable and can cause a big impact. These knickers always top the polls as men’s favourites.

Lace Knickers

Finally lace Knickers, possibly every woman’s go to for a sexy lingerie look. These knickers can make such a big impact whether they are a brief or a french style, the perfect knickers for drawing attention with a great lacy bra.

Petite Panties

Bunching, sagging, and pinching are just some of the unpleasant things that can occur if you’re unfortunate enough to purchase panties in the wrong size. And the odds of purchasing a pair of ill-fitting panties greatly increase if you happen to wear a petite size.

Petite panties are designed with the curves of petite women in mind. All too often women who are in need of petite panties are forced to purchase panties that are too big, and therefore sag and droop in a most unflattering way. And a pair of ill-fitting panties can not only make you feel frumpy, but they can also cause the sleek, sexy, fashionable look that you’ve put together to look a bit on the frumpy side as well.

The solution is finding petite panties that are made to fit your figure. At Peaches and Screams you can find an array of petite sexy panties in a range of colors, sizes, and styles. You can choose from petite bikini panties and petite thong panties, as well as petite hipster panties, petite boy cut panties, petite cheekini panties, and more. And if you’re feeling like stepping out on the wild size, you can also find an array of petite V-string panties, as well as petite G-string panties, and petite Brazilian panties.

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