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Swede Vanilla Cinnamon Flavoured & Warming Massage Lotion Oil 50ml

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The vanilla and cinnamon are great in terms of food and have you ever thought about combining them both in a lust activity. Swede is delivering you with the Vanilla Cinnamon flavoured massage oil for your most delightful pleasure activities with your partner. Having an exotic and tasty flavoured experience while having sex with your partner will let you remember those precious moments for a lifetime. Whenever you both come across those tastes in your life, you will recall your most precious moments of pleasuring and making love to each other. The Vanilla Cinnamon flavoured massage oil works great as lubrication for petite actions over your partner. With its gold-coloured texture, the oil will give an elegant majestic look when applied on the body. It will make you lick it right off of your partner’s body and you have no idea what kind of skin sensitive stimulations that action will cause. Buy the Vanilla Cinnamon flavoured massage oil from Swede online and have fun massaging.  


  • Made with completely food-grade ingredients and safe for oral pleasures.
  • Filled in a 50 ml standard plastic container with an airtight seal to preserve the oil for a long time possible.
  • Artificial colour dyes are used to obtain the colour consistency of the oil lotion.
  • Natural aroma scents are used to simulate the vanilla and cinnamon flavours in the massage oil.
  • Non-sticky on the human body and easy to wash with water after use.
  • Delivers the ultimate skin sensitivity with a warm touch. 
Liquid Volume: 50ml
For Who: Both
Brand: Various Drug Stores
Size: 50ml