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S8 Cherry Flavored Lube 50ml

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Hello there, Are you looking for S8 Cherry Flavored Lube. So first, you need to know about and the features of Cherry. Our S8 Cherry flavored lubes are for additional biological sentiment and lubrication.S8 Cherry Flavoured lubes are water-based lubricant or gel so it can furthermore utilize with all categories of lubes excluding the flavored lubes.S8 cherry-flavored lubes is also come in a 50 ml container at a reasonable expense. 


Our S8 flavored lube is a flavorful, fruity, smooth, elevated, expanded private lubricant that alleviates vaginal dryness. Cherry flavored lube from S8 is sugar-free, free from chemicals, and skin affable. With cherry flavored lube, the simulation is not problematic anymore because the potent and provoking odor of the S8 cherry flavored lube is certain to elicit an intractable wake to both of you. Our S8 cherry flavored lube is non Spermicidal, water-based resoluble lube, not stain, and can be washed out effortlessly.  does not adhere to and won't smudge, even so, it is generously to prevent a reference from eyes. S8 cherry flavored lube is not just for verbal copulation but it can consequently regulate the lubrication for smoothness. It also dedicates the scarcity of everything that brawn intervenes with your private fitness or satisfaction. Our S8 Cherry Flavored Lubricant furthermore clasps to all recent EU-regulations respecting private care products and it gives rise to reliable, full of integrity, athletic pricing.  

Please keep in a cool, dry place and off from explicit sunlight

Lube Type: Water Based
Liquid Volume: 50ml
For Who: Both
Features: Gluten Free
Brand: Various Drug Stores