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S8 Warming Water Based Lube 50ml

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Hello, there are you looking for a Warming Water Based Lube of 50ml? First, you need to know the functions of our S8 Warming Water Based Lube. Our Warming Water Based Lube heats the skin on touch so you do not just perceive wonderful smooth commotions, but a thoughtful and soft warmth where you prefer to appeal. 


Our Warming Water Based Lube is resoluble of water and effortlessly wash out. It is a warm water-based lube so this is comfortable to borrow with a sheath. We have some additional advice for you to blow quietly to enhance the warming effort and give rise to the commotion even extra delectable severe. Our Warming Water Based Lube is accessible in a 50ml container.

Our S8 Original Water Based Lube is phthalate-free gluten-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, and also includes no enhanced colors or grating conservatives for a compelling voluntary interest. Comprehend the skin nutrition and hydration consequences. It dedicates the scarcity of everything that brawn intervene with your private fitness or satisfaction

 It does not adhere to and won't smudge, even so, it is generously to prevent a reference from eyes. If you suffer discomfort or irritation so, stop utilizing the lube. If the irritation or discomfort proceeds again or additional lube is compelled all the moment then amuse consult your doctor.

Our Warming Water Based Lube is best and sufficient and please also keep in a cool, dry place and off from explicit sunlight. Utilize it in between the three months of opening.

Lube Type: Water Based
Liquid Volume: 50ml
For Who: Both
Features: Gluten Free
Brand: Various Drug Stores