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Master Series


8.25-Inch Eclipse X Waterproof Vibrating Beaded Anal Probe

Size Guide

EXPERIENCE ADVENTURE WITH THE 8.25-Inch Eclipse X Waterproof Vibrating Beaded Anal Probe
 Made of smooth body safe silicone
 Has graduated beaded sections
 Has 10 different vibration speeds.
This is a toy made to give you amazing anal pleasure. Made with silky body safe silicone it is extremely comfortable to touch and use in your anal area. The 8.25-Inch Eclipse X Waterproof Vibrating Beaded Anal Probe is made in a smooth seamless way so that you have more comfort as you use it. The probe is graduated so that you can accommodate one fabulously curved bead at a time as they get bigger and stretch you out more and more as you go on.
This toy has 10 varying vibrating functions so that you can adjust the speed of the vibration so that you can have sensations that are right for you. The different vibration modes also offer you a chance to experiment with different speeds of vibration for the ultimate vibrating anal massage and optimum stimulation. You can control the vibrations using a hand-held remote control.
Insertion of this probe is so much better and easier when done while the person is highly aroused and using a generous amount of a water-based lubricant. The toy was designed to be hand held and is therefore great for couples as your partner can use the device on you and still have one hand free to engage in other sexual activities. You can also this device during masturbation as it will give you an intense orgasm. Only use water based lubricants with this probe and never attempt to use a silicone formula lubricant.
Cleaning up is easy with warm water and a mild soap. You can also keep it clean using an antibacterial toy cleaner. Remember to store it separate from other toys.
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Specifications of 8.25-Inch Eclipse X Waterproof Vibrating Beaded Anal Probe

Length : 8.25 Inches
Washing : Hot soapy water and toy cleaner
Insertable : 7 to_8 inches
Diameter : 1.75 Inches
Width : 5.5 Inches
Colour : Black
Flexibility : Bendable
Controller : Remote
For Who : Both
Features : Multi Speed
Brand : Master Series
Power : (Included)
Size : 8.25 Inches