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Rouge Garments Purple Suede Flogger With a Leather Handle

The time for bondage play lovers to shine in the bedroom has arrived. Use purple suede flogger with 19-inch tails and leather handle and assert dominance over your submissive partner.

The flogger is stylish and practical, making a stool that every BDSM player should have in their collection. The leather tails are long to cover a large surface area when acting against your partner. To get the best effects when using the fl9gger, you can close your partner’s eyes using a blind flogger or any other material available. Oncethat’s done, use the flogger and deliver surprises to your partner by hitting different zones. The floggers are made of high-qualityleather, meaning that the effect they leave on the skin is comfortable and long-lasting. Moreover, it doesn't bring too much pain to turn into tortureinstead of pleasure. Due to the high-quality leather, the flogger has a long lifespan, which means more life of dominance. The whole flogger is 27 inches long, meaning it covers significant surface area when in action. It is very flexible, making sure you have an easy time handling it. It is a sex accessory from the Rouge Garments brand, which deals with great sex accessories. Wipe it down for cleaning.

Specifications of the Purple Suede Flogger with 19-Inch Tails and Leather Handle

Length : 27 Inches
Washing : Wipe down
Colour : Purple
Flexibility : Very
For Who : Both
Brand : Rouge Garments
Size : 27 Inches