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Wicked Sensual Care


Wicked Aqua Water-Based Warming Sex Lubricant, 60ml

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Lubrication is an important detail when it comes to penetrative sex. In addition to making the sex all the more slick and worthwhile, it goes a long way in preventing friction related injuries and subsequent painful sessions. However, lubricants tend to have temperatures below the body temperature, and a drop of it may make you lose your erection or arousal due to the surprising cold sensation that goes through your body. Wicked Aqua Water-Based Warming Sex Lubricant, 60ml changes all this by giving you warm lubrication, keeping you comfortable as it is poured on you or the toy that is about to enter you. The water-based lubricant also boasts of the same benefits of a normal water lube. The lube is easy to remove from fabrics, ensuring that your play can occur anywhere as the mess is easy to clean up, giving you the chance to indulge in your wildest fantasies. Suitable for all skin types, the lube can be used by you and your partners without the need to purchase a different tube. Sometimes the biggest let down of a great lubricant is the scent that it has. The Wicked Aqua Water-Based Warming Sex Lubricant, 60ml is fragrance-free, allowing you to enjoy your playtime without being annoyed or put off by scents you do not like or care for. With its long-lasting property, the lube allows you a longer period of intense pleasure and sensation before reapplication of the lube is required. Try your solo sessions or couples play with this lube and find yourself making it your favorite. 

Specifications of Wicked Aqua Water-Based Warming Sex Lubricant, 60ml

Lube Type : Water Based
Liquid Volume : 60mls
For Who : Both
Features : Never Sticky
Brand : Wicked Sensual Care
Size : 60mls