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Anal Range


Peaches and Screams recognize that to achieve some sizzling hot sex and fantasy takes a lot more than just two willing bodies. If one desires to purchase a sex toy, Peaches and Screams are ready to guide anyone through the wide variety available and give the differences. Whatever one decides upon, remember to purchase some of the essentials that are to be used alongside any anal toy, this includes anal lubricants, relaxants and douches to ease the penetration process.

Anal Range

There is a range of anal sex toys and one can be assured that they can’t miss out on the huge collection available. These include; anal beads, anal dildos, butt plugs, douches, anal vibrators and so much more. The anal beads are balls both made from jelly or silicone and linked together on a flexible jelly/silicone length. The bead usually, starts off small and increases in size gradually as one progresses further. One can also get anal beads that feature the same balls all the along if they desire.

Anal dildos are different from the normal dildos as they are usually narrower to enable easier penetration into the anus. Also, they are slightly curved to allow them to target the prostate gland in men and the other side of the back wall of vagina. They are awesome for anal play as they are made from silicone or jelly rubber which are not harsh against the sensitive anal passage way.  Available in a number of different sizes, anal vibrators aim to provide the greatest sensation of penetration combined with either single or multispeed vibrations depending on a persons’ preference. They are made from soft jelly or silicone and come with rounded ends for insertion and aim at the most amazing anal orgasms. For the beginners, one would be advised to introduce your body to the vibrations by using it on other parts of your body to acclimatise with the sensations before trying it anally.

These anal ranges of products are as perfect as no other, as the male domination has not been left out at all Prostate massagers are available and one can purchase online on the Peaches and Screams portal and enjoy the freedom of what to pick. The prostate massagers are available as non-vibrating and vibrating male toys, and using these tools assists in keeping the prostate gland very healthy. Therefore, take the chance and experience the best of what anal play has to offer.