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Bed Restraints and Under The Bed Ties


Bed Restraints and Under The Bed Ties

Your bed is your playground. It is often the place where all the action happens. The courtyard of your domain. If you and your partner are into BDSM, your bed is an integral part of who you are as a couple and how you interact with one another. Under the bed ties allow you to tie your partner to the bed without needing a headboard or footboard. Once in place, using your mattress, just clip restraints in place and you are ready to play. When your playtime is over, these straps can be hidden under the mattress until you are ready to open the playground again. With wrist and ankle cuffs, your lover can be subdued and ready for you to play with their body. This is the point where you decide if you want to cover them in wet kisses from head to toe without them touching you or if they need to be flogged or teased. Bondage offers a myriad of choices making your sex session with your lover either kinky or tantalizing. This is a great way to experiment with many positions and BDSM styles. Use your imagination. Get creative. Tie her up and make her wet and ready for you, then tease her clit with your tongue. She’ll want to touch you. She’ll want to hold your head or squeeze your arm, but restraining her limits her movements. Maybe you’d like to dribble a tasty edible lube down the line on her stomach leading to her clit while she’s tied up. There are so many things she’d like to do with you, but restrained, she won’t be able to. Get wild and tease her skin with a flogger or with feathers. Give her a gentle smack of the leather and watch her release the energy without much movement. Want to tie him up? Men love to hold the head of their partner during oral sex. They feel more in control. They can thrust into their partner’s mouth and push their head down with the ability to have free hands. Once he’s tied to the bed, tease his senses until he’s hard and ready for you to do more. With his hands tied, you can tease him to no end. Going down on him while he’s tied up will entice his senses. But turning around and sitting near his face while your mouth is over his cock is an even bigger teaser. He’s going to want to touch you. He’s going to squirm, thrust, and moan. He’ll see your wet pussy and your swollen clit, but he won’t be able to touch it. Watch your lover writhe against the sheets as they receive pain or pleasure and can do nothing about it. Be sure to add plenty of sex toys to your bondage playground. Feathers, floggers, vibrators, clit stimulators, blindfolds, and cock rings to make him last longer under restraint. Peaches and Screams has everything you need to make your playground the only place you want to play. Buy bed restraints and under the bed ties at Peaches & Screams UK sex shop. Discover the best wrist and ankle cuffs for bondage beginners today!