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Bullet Vibrators

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Little vibrators certainly pack the punch of the larger versions. We value discretion at Peaches and Screams. We know the many reasons you might want to have a vibrator you can conceal. Mini-Vibrators are a great way to meet your goals of sexual desire. Tiny vibrators do the trick if you are hiding in public places. Imagine pulling out of your pocket a tiny missile that will do the trick of pleasing you while giving you the same full service as a larger sex toy. Mini-vibrators can be hidden in your handbag, your pocket, or even your own panties. Imagine sneaking around in a public place in the mood for fantastic sexual pleasure. With a tiny vibrator, you have the freedom to duck into a private room with your mini-toy and please yourself with no one else knowing. Or invite your lover and spice up those dark corners with some taboo sex in public spaces. Taking a mini-vibrator with you is easy and discreet. Some of our tiny vibrators live inside your panties. With soft lace and beautiful ribbons, our panty vibrators stimulate your clitoris and can offer vaginal penetration or even anal penetration without anyone knowing. Keep your vagina abuzz all day long with mini-vibrators you can keep to yourself. A soothing motion builds throughout the day ending in maximum climax if only you are open to cumming in your panties. Many bullets are tiny but incredible. They are easy to conceal as well. Maybe you are the mood for a pleasant but powerful orgasm quickly. Duck into a closet at work or a bathroom stall and give yourself the pleasure you’ve been craving with a mini-vibrator. These tiny vibrators give you that work break you’ve been looking forward to all day. Cum quickly and inconspicuously with the help of these mini wonders. Hidden toys are designed to target the exact spots you need targeted. Don’t think for a moment these tiny vibrators only offer tiny pleasures. Mini vibrators are discreet, meant to keep hidden, but they are also specifically designed to target your internal and external spots looking for magical sensations. Those exact spots that need targeted. Gentle buzzing of a mini vibrator feels much like lapping of your favorite tongue. Not all mini vibrators are bullets focused solely on clit coverage.Mini vibrators can be used internally as well. Vaginal or anal penetration can also be discreet with a mini vibrator. These little vibrators can be in your pocket or handbag and send you to the same oblivion leaving you flushed and hot. Peaches and Screams understands the value of discreet and tiny sex toys. We have a great selection of mini vibrators and mini toys for men and for women that you can hide in a pocket or in your panties. Clitoris toys, vaginal toys, and even butt plugs can be tiny in action while still giving pleasure. In your panties or in your pocket, these mini vibrators can go with you anywhere. In your handbag, in your vagina or ass, these mini vibrators are able to increase the intensity of your orgasms. Some mini vibrators come with cute packaging or cases that no one will notice. Check out our mini vibrators at Peaches and Screams today. Don’t forget your orders are also kept discreet from ordering to delivery. Buy bullet vibrators at Peaches & Screams UK online sex shop. Browse vibrating bullet sex toys, mini vibrators, vibrators for beginners, small vibrators, discreet vibrators for travel, waterproof vibes and magic bullets.


  1. They are very discreet for anywhere you want to enjoy self-play.
  2. You can leave them laying around the house with no one the wiser. (Be sure to keep that real looking penis-modeled dildo or vibrator hidden away from prying eyes!)
  3. They can look like everyday cosmetic items a woman may nonchalantly carry in her purse. Think powder or mirror compact case, a makeup brush or a lipstick tube.
  4. Imagine how luscious it would be to wear them at all times under your clothes.
  5. Try using them with a partner for dual stimulation. * Expect very powerful vibrations despite their small size.
  6. They commonly use a single AA battery. Borrow one from your TV remote in a pinch!
  7. Put them on your standard travel packing list because they are perfect for stowing away in your carry-on hand luggage!
  8. When your parents visit, they may think that lipstick case with a switch is some new-fangled makeup design. Can you hear your frugal father commenting, "Those makeup companies are always trying to sell something new that you don't need!"
  9. They have a serious level of noise reduction! Think of your humongous vibrator that distracts your important sex play with its loud noise. Or that powerful wand massager that sounds like a plane going overhead. Funny story - true story - I went into the ladies room one time only to be shocked by some vibrator-like sounds emanating from a stall. It turned out she was using her breast milk pump.


Find the same options that are available with other vibrators such as the materials they are made of and the variety of vibration patterns.

Check out the options here at Peaches and Screams for either quiet vibrating bullet sex toys or bullet vibrators that do not look like your giant penis-shaped vibrator modeled after that hot porn star. Also find the bullet vibrators that have both options. If you don't yet have a mini vibrator amid your collection of sex toys, what are you waiting for? Buy one today!


It's THE date where you finally let him go all the way. Surprise him with your toy already hidden inside you! If you are a sex-on-the-first-date girl, you may want to wear your mini every time you go to a bar or the club - just in case you get lucky. He will certainly consider himself lucky!

Tease your committed partner at dinner that his desert has a battery in it. If he's the cook, tell him you have desert all planned out. Then come up with more clues to build up to the grand finale.

Give one to all of your girlfriends for her birthday or bridal shower. But not on just any old day - that could get you a strange look like, "What does she expect me to say to this?" Or only do this if you are trying to court her and you think she will be receptive.

Get the kind with a remote and then give it to your partner so that they can give you a nice surprise any time they want. Think of the excitement when they press the button out in public. You two have a secret no one else knows about! (Wear a pad for this because you may get wet on this ride.)


Many troubleshooting guides offer a long list of things that might go wrong. We could only think of one. See item 1 below. We would put links to the whole host of other items, but they do not exist.

If you find your mini to be too intense, place a thin barrier between your sensitive places and the tiny monster. If you don't have a penis cover handy, use a sheet or your panties.


Sex is a misdemeanor; the more I miss, the meaner I get!