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Electro Sex Stimulation

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Get the electricity out of the kitchen and into your bedroom. Peaches and Screams have just the toys to super charge your erogenous zones and wheel you into a sizzling state of sexual stimulation. For discreet shopping browse Peaches and Screams website and fill your cart with adjustable electro cock rings, metal electro cock rings, urethral sounds, dildos, probes, butt plugs, stimulators, electro loops or jock sockets. Electro Sex Stimulation enhances stimulation of sexual nerve senses, improves the quality of foreplay and also helps you build up to an explosive orgasm. Electro Sex Stimulation toys are insulated at the base for safe play. When using Electro Sex toys ensure that the toys are switched off when you apply them to the selected body area or part. Turn on the power starting from the lowest energy level. At the lowest end you will a ticklish sensation but as you settle in and get more comfortable slowly increase the power levels until you start feeling some tingling which will later turn into intense sensual vibrations. Always start from the lowest power level setting and pace yourself. Practice your Electro Sex Stimulation until you are adept at effectively combining your toys. Experiment with urethra sounds or electro sex clamps. Try out the cucumber-shaped torpedo plugs for tingling anal or vaginal play. Peaches and Screams have a wide range of aesthetically pleasing Electro Sex Stimulation toys. Electro Sex Stimulation is not advised for people with heart problems, poor health, pregnant or people who are tired. Do not use electro stimulation toys on broken skin or above the waist. Always use a water-based lubricant if you need to use one. Apply the device to your body before you switch it on just as you would when using electro butt plugs and dildos. Peaches and Screams also provide sanitising solutions with which to clean your toys after use. Unplug your Electrastim toys, clean and thoroughly dry them before you store them securely.

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Electro Sex Stimulation

Give the power of electricity a chance in your bedroom play. Whip out your Electro Sex Stimulation toys and breathe new life into the way you minister or receive pleasure and strains of pain. This could be the door to your very own nirvana. Visit Peaches and Screams online shop and redefine your sexual pleasure. Master your fears of electricity and explore the mystical powers of combining your electro sex kits with torpedo plugs, cock rings, dildos or pinwheels. Be sexually brave and exercise your powers of imagination and sexual creativity. Introduce sizzling hot new life into your bedroom. Combine the throbbing fullness of a butt plug with well-timed zapping of your sexually sensitive areas. Put some electrified skill in your bondage repertoire buy and use Electro Sex Stimulation toys and accessories. Invest in these pleasure meets pain toys and reconfigure the quality of your foreplay and standard of orgasms. Put a stamp of authority on your delivery. Turn Electro Sex Stimulation into a fine art of seduction. Electro Sex and Stimulation puts right at the threshold of hedonistic pleasure. Weave into your bondage repertoire well executed Electro Sex Stimulation. Nothing speaks more of your commitment to bondage and proficiency than owning and using Electro Sex toys. Create and equip your bedroom to impress and please. Buy Electro Sex Stimulation toys from Peaches and Screams and enjoy toe curling and delightful bittersweet sex. Treat yourself and your lover to the joys and wonders of electrified sex. Make Electro Sex Stimulation an important part of your bondage play. Pack your life chock full of erotic excitement. Join our UK-based online forum, Bedroom Talk with Peaches and Screams where you can post questions or share your experiences and chat with our supportive online community.