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Padded Bras

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Today’s woman who finds fullness and comfort in the padded bra has Swedish athlete Lois Lung to thank for her breast-related misfortune at the Oslo Olympics in 1928. Lung lost in the 400 metre hurdle after her knee hit her breast at the last hurdle and she crashed to the ground in a pile of pain. On hearing about this, one D. J. Kennedy set about designing a padded bra for female athletes to wear and protect them from athletic injuries. In 1929 Kennedy started something that would change many women’s bust lines. This invention would be known as falsies and be embraced with gusto beyond the sporting field. In a world where women are differently endowed it fast became and still is the small woman who wants more’s best friend. It provides the much sought after fuller look and stunning cleavage when needed. Today as we rely not just on the sense of touch but the visual feed even the film industry has found an important place for the bra that keeps on giving. Erotic scenes are not complete without the flash of a full succulent breast encased in sensually stimulating lingerie. Padded bras either come with fully padded cups or pockets that you can pad to your desire. Not all women’s breasts are equal in size. One might be slightly smaller and to give yourself a rounded even look you can buy a brassiere with pockets and personally pad to match your other boob. You can also buy some with removable inserts. Women who have had mastectomies can also rely on them to enhance the fitting of their tops or dresses. Buy and wear them if your breasts feel looser and you want to create a firm look. Wear them to improve you silhouette and to prevent your nipples from showing. It is important to get fitted and measured so that you buy the right size which evenly distributes your bust weight between the shoulders and waist. A good bra provides both comfort and support. Do not wear these items of underwear to bed to avoid cutting off circulation. They are versatile and can be worn during the day or for relaxed time out.

Elevate your choice in game changing lingerie. Buy and wear padded bras that will leave a lasting impression. Indulge in tastefully choreographed boob-related fantasy. Tickle and feed your lover’s sense of imagination with underwear full of luscious promise. Buy and wear bras that will draw out your sex appeal. Enhance your overall outlook and stand out. Add glitz and glamour to your drawer of bedroom essentials buy and wear high quality underclothes. Surprise your lover with a popping bust. Do not let your size dampen your ardour. Pull out the stops with riveting lingerie that inspires sexual creativity and non-stop steamy trysts. Match your sexy padded bras with matching panties or G-strings. Create an aura of mystery around your near state of undress. Re-evaluate the way you dress and undress. Try out the various styles, colours and textures in this category. Reboot your sex life with chic perfect fitting underwear. Give your lover a full-on visual feast.