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Submit a Guest Post to Our Lingerie and Sex Toys Blog

Submit a Guest Post to Our Lingerie and Sex Toys Blog

Submit a Guest Post to Our Lingerie and Sex Toys Blog

We are pleased to announce that we are now accepting guest blog posts on our sex toy and lingerie blog.

We are accept guest blog posts from the following niches

  • Lingerie
  • Sex Toys
  • Porn Tube and Sites
  • Escort websites
  • Lifestyle blogs
  • Bondage
  • Bikini and Swimwear
  • Fashion and Apparel
  • Wedding
  • Travel
  • Vaping
  • Dating
  • Sexual Health
  • Entertainment 
  • Events

Guest Post Submission Guidelines

General Overview

The purpose of our sex toy and lingerie blog is to educate our customers and public at large. Whilst our website is aimed at sex toys and lingerie, the purpose of our blog is to cover a myriad of closely related issues and topics to provide useful information to our readers. We are very relaxed about the niches that we accept so long as they have an angle on sex toys, lingerie, relationships, love, etc. 

Examples of the Guest Blog Post Titles that we would accept

  • Your Ultimate List of Honeymoon Destinations
  • Best Dating Apps for 2019
  • How does vaping affect sex?

Guest Post Submission Guidelines

  • Please ensure that your guest post is at least 1,000 words long;
  • Your guest post must be unique and free of any plagiarism (we scan each guest post submission with a plagiarism detection tool);
  • Your article must not be published elsewhere;
  • You must send us your article in a Word Document without any formatting;
  • Your article must be written in flawless English and use paragraphs, proper headings and be free of any typos or syntactical errors;
  • You may attach images that you would like us to use in the guest post separately;
  • We will provide credits for your article. We can add your name, website or company name along with a backlink at the bottom of the guest post;
  • Do not promote products inside your article. The purpose of our guest posts is to educate our readers rather than sell them products. 
  • Please ensure that your content is appropriate and does not contain any pornographic or inappropriate images. Whilst we accept adult content, it must be professional.

How to Submit a Guest Post to Peaches and Screams?

The easiest way to submit a guest post to us is either by sending us a link to your folder on Google docs along with the article and accompanying images. Alternatively, you could send us your article and images directly. Please send your guest posts to our Facebook page as it is actively monitored. Click here to send us your guest post.

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