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Write for us - Become Our Sex Toys and Lingerie Blogger

Become Our Sex Toys and Lingerie Blogger

Write for us - Become Our Sex Toys and Lingerie Blogger

We are pleased to announce that we are now taking on sex toy and lingerie guest bloggers! By becoming our guest blogger, you will be able to make a contribution to our community by blogging on many popular topics such as sex toys, lingerie, love and relationships, dating and anything related!

Why You Should Become a Lingerie and Sex Toys Blogger with Peaches and Screams

Are you passionate about sex, love and relationships? Would you like to share your experience in love or relationships? Or perhaps you would like to review lingerie and sex toys? If so, you are in the right place! Peaches and Screams will offer you a platform for publishing your articles and getting your voice heard. With thousands of daily visitors, your guest blog posts will get a lot of attention. This will not only help to educate our community about a plethora of issues, but will also help you to develop into a seasoned sex blogger!

Starting your own blog could be challenging. Usually, you will have to start up your own website, buy a domain and above all, attract visitors, which is the most difficult part. Luckily, with Peaches and Screams, your guest blog posts will receive tonnes of views and shares from the get-go.

We are very relaxed when it comes to guest bloggers. Our blog is not commercial in nature and our objective is to provide an impartial forum to our readers that is both educational and fun. Equally, we want to give you a voice that will reach thousands of like-minded individuals!

What we look for in Our Lingerie and Sex Bloggers

We are looking for people who are genuine and passionate about sex topics and lingerie. You do not need to have any blogging experience to get started. However, as your guest blog posts are going to be the face of our brand, we need you to take some aspects into consideration in order to maintain our high standards and levels of professionalism. Please read our guest blogger guidelines below.

Sex Guest Blogger Guidelines

  • We are looking for sex bloggers who are consistent. This means that we would like you to make a regular contribution to our blog as opposed to just sending a one-off article.
  • You must have a good level of English. If you would like to blog in a different language, then that is not an issue but your articles will be displayed on our international websites.
  • You will need to ensure that your articles are at least 1,000 words long, free of plagiarism, well-formatted, use paragraphs and are well-styled.
  • We urge our sex bloggers to proofread their articles before submitting them to us for publication to ensure that they are of the highest quality. Just put yourself in the shoes of a reader. What would you say to yourself after reading your article.

Follow these steps to become a sex blogger today!

1. Contact us on Facebook with an introduction

2. If we are both happy, send us your articles via Facebook for publication on our blog (you will be credited as the author of your article which will help you to build your name in the sex blogger community)

3. We also welcome YouTube sex bloggers!

Write for us - Become Our Sex Toys and Lingerie Blogger - Sex Blogger

Here are some ideas for guest blogs

Sex toy and lingerie reviews. Have you purchased and used a lingerie piece or sex toys? Well, you can review them directly on our blog. Make sure to take some pictures of your items and send them to us along with your article.

Topical sex and relationship issues. Would you like to share some sex and relationship advice with our readers? Simply, come up with a title for your blog post and write an article with your experience and advice to our readers! Perhaps you are shopping for a gift for your boyfriend and would like to help our readers to choose the best gift for their partners. Or perhaps you are using a dating app and would like to share your honest experience and perspectives. These are some guest post ideas which are not hard and fast!