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2.5-Inch Tenga Egg Easy Beat Clicker Male Masturbator

Size Guide

The 2.5-Inch Tenga Egg Easy Beat Clicker Male Masturbator is a beautiful and discreet male masturbator that is cunningly presented in the beautiful shape of an egg. With the toys deceptively aesthetic design; the clicker can pass as part of your decoration, and no one would be the wiser. The 2.5-Inch Tenga Egg Easy Beat Clicker Male Masturbator is a single-use masturbation sleeve designed with a closed top for increased suction, and an internal body made of soft jelly material; with an extremely tactile ribbed sleeve for incredible sensations. Clicker comes in a white outer body with beautiful patterns of silver circles adorning the silky smooth surface. This little masturbator is extremely stretchy, and can easily increase both in length and width to fit any dick size. The egg-shaped shell opens at the base to reveal the insertion canal, while the inner surface features rows of small and large nodules and nubs that tenderly massage the penis for a toe-curling release, the Tenga sleeve when stretched is slightly transparent and thinly textured, and the material requires careful handling to prevent tear which may occur as a result of excess friction. Another remarkable feature of the clicker is the see-through quality of the material when it’s stretched, it lets you see the goings-on inside the masturbator, especially during orgasm when the shaft becomes extremely excited, and you won’t have to worry about cleaning any messy sperm since it’s encased within the masturbator. Each egg comes with a sachet of Tenga lubricant; apply it to the internal sleeve and to your shaft before insertion. Note that the Tenga Egg is designed for one-time use due to hygiene and safety concerns. The Tenga Clicker is not just an amazing solo masturbator; it’s also perfect for partnered play, and a subtle gift to your partner to stay faithful when you’re not around. The 2.5-Inch Tenga Egg Easy Beat Clicker Male Masturbator brilliantly combines elegance and functionality to give you the best results.

Specifications of 2.5-Inch Tenga Egg Easy Beat Clicker Male Masturbator

Length : 2.5 Inches
Lube Type : Water Based
Colour : White
Flexibility : Stretchy
For Who : Male
Brand : Tenga
Size : 2.5 Inches