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6.5-Inch Vac-U-Lock Deluxe Black Suction Cup Butt Plug

Hands-free stimulation is something that you look forward to as you get to indulge your hands in other activities as you get your orgasm train down the tracks to its final destination. Vac-U-Lock products now have a companion that allows them to be used hands-free to deliver the same superior quality sensations that always have you in the throes of intense passion. The powerful suction base cup of the 6.5-Inch Vac-U-Lock Deluxe Black Suction Cup Butt Plug is designed to stick to the hard surfaces where you intend to take your play. This lovely accessory sticks to any hard non-porous surface, allowing you to have a solo session like no other; encompassing all the positions and moves that you have always been craving but only thought possible with a partner. The accessory has a strong arm that swivels and bends in many various directions to ensure that your toy is in the desired position to meet your needs, without forcing you to contort your body in unimaginable positions. Once in place, you can lock the arm in that position for as long as you need to play in that position. The lever release unlocks the arm, enabling you to readjust your toy into the next position. This feature allows you to experiment with any positional play to your intense satisfaction. For those willing to mix bath time with play time, take the accessory with your and enjoy your bath or shower like never before, giving your imagination a chance to reign supreme in the bathroom.

Specifications of the 6.5-Inch Vac-U-Lock Deluxe Black Suction Cup Butt Plug

Length : 6.5 Inches
Washing : Hot soapy water and toy cleaner
Colour : Black
Flexibility : Very
For Who : Both
Features : Hands Free
Brand : Doc Johnson
Size : 6.5 Inches