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6-Piece Stretchy Soft Black Penis Sleeve Set

Size Guide

Do you ever feel inadequate when it comes to rolling in the sack? Is your self esteem and confidence bruised because your size, stamina or skill is wanting? Well; if you are facing any of the above challenges, then the 6-Piece Stretchy Soft Black Penis Sleeve Set is here to help you overcome such challenges. This incredible sex enhancement toy is an amazing penis sleeve designed to help men enjoy greater performance, enhance penis girth and size, and most of all deliver the goods. The stretchy silicone sleeve gently constricts the penis to give users rock solid erections, and longer staying power, while the added size provides an extra sense of fullness to keep your lady filled and satisfied. The toy’s apt name derives from its black color and of course the enormous power it packs within its petite stretchy size. The 6-Piece Stretchy Soft Black Penis Sleeve Set comes in six different sleeves and textures, each offering a uniquely soft, strong, stretchy, and satisfying experience. The avant-garde design sex-playmaker also features super-tactile, sensual ticklers delivering intensely stimulating massages as you thrust in and out. Enjoy delicious tickles expertly delivered by the specialized ticklers with unmistakable accuracy to your nerve endings. This toy is a great penis aid and a hell of an incredible way for couples to enjoy great sex. Whether you want to increase the length and girth of your member; or just want to maintain a strong post-orgasm erection, this penis sleeve is an awesome solution. Penis sleeves are stretchy hollow dildos worn over the penis to offer sustained penetrative pleasure during intercourse. The 6-Piece Stretchy Soft Black Penis Sleeve Set is made of skin-safe TPE material, and can be cleaned easily by washing with hot soapy water and toy cleaner. The 6-Piece Stretchy Soft Black Penis Sleeve Set gives you power to do much more. Shop for the 6-Piece Stretchy Soft Black Penis Sleeve Set now!

Specifications of 6-Piece Stretchy Soft Black Penis Sleeve Set

Washing : Hot soapy water and toy cleaner
Colour : Black
Flexibility : Stretchy
For Who : Male
Features : 6 Different Textures
Brand : Toy Joy Sex Toys