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7-Inch Tenga Double Hole Male Masturbator Cup

Size Guide

The 7-Inch Tenga Double Hole Male Masturbator Cup is the bigger version of the innovative Tenga masturbation cups; it is brilliantly designed to cater to the needs of those with larger penises. It comes in a trademark double-chambered structure; that allows you to enjoy two distinct sensations from either side of the cup. Enjoy the thrill, texture and sensation of pounding two different pussies, or a pussy and an arse at the same time, mind blowing right? But if you’d prefer to take it one at a time, it's entirely up to you. The inner sleeves are made of medical grade TPE, and textured with soft nubs that caress the penis as it goes back and forth. With 63 nubs, the red side is tight and grips the shaft firmly, while the silver side is lax and clingy with 73 nubs, and these two distinct holes are designed to give you the best of two worlds, and of course bring you to a mind blowing climax. Both insertion canals are designed with a smooth pad insertion mechanism which provides seamless entry, extra adherence, prevents lubricant leakage, and also creates a vacuum sensation that will heighten your pleasure. The Tenga double hole ultra size cup also comes pre-lubricated, and automatically applies lubrication to the penis as you slide in, that's not all; it can also be warmed to increase your enjoyment and to vary the sensations. This product was carefully produced from premium quality silicone and ABS plastic that is both body safe and Hypoallergenic.

Specifications of 7-Inch Tenga Double Hole Male Masturbator Cup

Length : 7 Inches
Washing : Hot soapy water and toy cleaner
Flexibility : Stretchy
For Who : Male
Brand : Tenga
Size : 7 Inches
Opening : Stealth