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Alecia 3 Hole Sex Doll

Are you tired of using your hand when feeling sexy? Go for this beautifully crafted and inflatable Alecia 3 Hole Sex Doll from NMC Ltd to take your rampant erections hands-free and without injuries.

Hole sex dolls have saved men who injured their penises for sexual pleasure. Thus, this Alecia 3 Hole Sex Doll is the best for all sizes of penis. It is made from high-quality vinyl material that gives an impression of an inviting mouth, succulent vagina, and tight anal passage for greater pleasure. You can penetrate it while standing or lying depending on how you want to treat your orgasm.The tool comes dressed in sexy skimpy panties and patterned stockings for real pleasure penetration.

If you love talking to your submissive while penetrating, still you can talk withAlecia to enjoy the time of your sex. The doll has sexy undergarments that will always leave you ready to take your rampant erection without questions.The black color offers a sexy impression and makes you feel you are next to your submissive. It is bendable flexible for comfortability and ease of penetration. To maintain its durability, wash it gently with hot soapy water and dry well before storing it. You should also apply plenty of compatible sex lubricant on the holes for smooth penetration.

Colour: Black
Flexibility: Bendable
For Who: Male
Features: 3 Penetrating Holes
Material: Vinyl
Brand: NMC Ltd
Opening: Vagina, Ass and Mouth