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Autoblow 2plus Extra Tight Edition Size B

Size Guide


Are you getting obsessed with blowjobs and yet there are not so many contributors ready to give that to you. Say no more, we have the perfect solution to your problem. The Auto blow 2+ extra tight edition B size. The name might sound tricky but it does what it says. It auto blows your manhood giving you the experience not less than a partner would do. The perfect temperature and moisture consistency in a human mouth will take you to the end of heaven and drops you back. You can have the same attention from our Auto blow B size with an extra tight feature. The Auto blow will suck out your soul by the tight replaceable sleeve inside the device. 

The synthetic torch toys and inflatable sex toys will only help you masturbate. And you have to use a great extent of energy to do so. But the Auto blow will never let you perform any task, it makes you enjoy its blowjob just by switching on the power.  


The product is provided with an electric power chord to plug into a power outlet. The product is not powered by batteries, to make your experience undisturbed and more action-packed. This product is available with a B size sleeve for the satisfaction of middle-sized penises. You can replace the sleeve after wear and tear. The sleeve is made with body soft silicone and easy to wash. The product is compatible with water-based lubricants.

User safety information- avoid usage of the product on wet surfaces.  

Colour: Flesh
Flexibility: Slight
Controller: Wired
For Who: Male
Material: Realistic Feel
Brand: Autoblow
Power: Plug
Opening: Vagina