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Bathmate Penis Pumps

Bathmate HydroMax7 X30 Hydro Water Pump Penis Extender Stretcher Pro Enlargement

Size Guide


The fingerprints aren’t the unique properties in the human body, there are certain variations in the sizes of the body parts too. Likewise, there is a huge difference in the size of male genital organs in two men when compared. The size of the male genital organ doesn’t matter much when it comes to having sex with a partner. The pleasure is the same in any size. But in the terms of appearance the size sure matters for a man to prove his manhood, and that huge size would win you some blind dates on a trip to the local bar. If you are worried about your penis size is less or weak-looking in the shape, then you are in the right place looking for your answers. Bathmate has brought you with the most innovative product to help you with your size problem, the Hydromax Penis Enlargement pump for men. The hydro pump acts as a suction pump to enlarge your penis from its original length and improves its girth by the time. Why search elsewhere for your problem, while you have it just here at your fingerprints. Buy a Hydromax pump by the Bathmate and let your manhood reach the heights of the sky.   


  • The product is a cylindrical structure made to insert the male genitals and transparent to see the insides. 
  • Provided with a measuring scale on the side of the pump to make regular process with the size enlargement. 
  • Fully automated working and doesn’t need any electrical energy to work. 
  • An adjustable comfort sleeve is also included in the package for additional size fit. 
  • The product has to be used with water for better results.   

Directions of usage

  1. Fill out the cylinder with the water (cold or hot) up to the determined level indicated on the flask. 
  2. Insert the male genital inside and start with minimal stokes to excite the pressure inside the chamber. 
  3. Use the pump for 15 minutes a day in 24 hours for better results. 
  4. Turn the pressure value valve when you are finished and clean the pump for the next session. 
Length: 9.75 Inches
Washing: Hot soapy water and toy cleaner
Diameter: 2.25 Inches
Width: 7.06 Inches
Colour: Clear
Flexibility: Firm
For Who: Male
Material: Plastic
Brand: Bathmate Penis Pumps
Size: 9.75 Inches