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Bathmate Penis Pumps


Bathmate Penis Pump Cleaning Kit

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Keeping your penis pump clean should be as of paramount importance as keeping your penis clean. To ensure that your toys are totally safe, frequent thorough cleaning is recommended, ensuring that you get the pleasures you need without the unforeseen negative outcomes of pure hygiene. Penis pumps may seem so simple to clean out but sometimes a quick rinse is not enough to get to the fluids trapped within the folds and internal mechanism of the toy. The Bathmate Penis Pump Cleaning Kit is designed to make sure that your toys get the thorough cleaning they require. The kit contains a cleaning brush, an extra sponge head, two towels and a hard case. The cleaning brush ensures that you get to access the depths of your toy, with the sponge gently lathering the toy and cleaning without damaging the composite material of the toy. The two towels are high-quality, ensuring that the water and moisture are completely absorbed, leaving the toy extremely dry and with no moisture trapped. The hard case is used to protect the hydropump, preventing any damage. The Bathmate Penis Pump Cleaning Kit is compatible with the Bathmate and Hydromax range of products, ensuring that you get to keep your accessories extremely clean without the hassle of trying different products and finding the insufficient for the thorough cleaning you require. Make your toy cleaning session the least of your worries by getting the kit that guarantees you the cleanest toys that deserve a place on your well-kept and clean body part. 

Specifications of the Bathmate Penis Pump Cleaning Kit

Washing : Wipe down
For Who : Male
Brand : Bathmate Penis Pumps