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Bijoux Indiscrets


Bijoux Indiscrets Black Feather Pom Pom Tickler

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The human body is super sensitive and very very responsive, it feeds on soft caresses and sensual touches, it’s like an altar where lovers come to worship, and also a throne for them to pay obeisance. The Bijoux Indiscrets Black Feather Pom Pom Tickler is designed to send heart-throbbing sweet and sensual caresses all over the body, the gentle strokes and carefully measured touches will flood the body with a tsunami of surreal pleasure; the sheer sensuous excitement of being erotically tickled by feathers brings passion to its zenith. The right kind of caress on the body’s erogenous zones like the neck, navel, back or thighs can bring someone to climax; the Bijoux Indiscrets Black Feather Pom Pom Tickler has different textured plumage providing a variety of erotic sensations and an easy grip at the small base that makes it easy to hold, dark in colour and very discreet in appearance. The feathers are securely fitted to prevent them from coming loose and also carefully arranged so the feathers don’t entangle or become twisted. Use this luxurious marabou feather tickler to discover new sensations as you tickle and trace along your partner's body for a night of unforgettable pleasure. It will also help you to discover your partner’s body and how he or she responds to different touches on different parts of their body, armed with this knowledge; you will be fully equipped to open hitherto unknown doors to a flood of passions, sensations and shattering climaxes. A touch of the Bijoux Indiscrets Black Feather Pom Pom Tickler is pure delirium; neither you nor your partner should miss this erotically beautiful experience. Our bodies are full of sensors that are ready to be set off and turn our bodies on, and all that is required for this to happen; is the light, tender caress of a Bijoux Indiscrets Black Feather Pom Pom Tickler.

Specifications of the Bijoux Indiscrets Black Feather Pom Pom Tickler

Washing : Wipe down
Colour : Black
For Who : Both
Brand : Bijoux Indiscrets