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Bijoux Indiscrets

Bijoux Za Za Zu Luxury Feather Handcuffs

For the most amazing experience in bondage play, get yourself a pair of Za Za Zu Luxury Feather Handcuffs Bondage Sex Toy, lead your partner into willful submission and surrender with this set of gorgeous sensual black Marabou feather handcuffs, designed for the most playful of lovers with a silver metal link chain, the chain is encircled by soft marabou feathers to cushion the feel of steel to your skin and to give you soft caressing tickles.

The Za Za Zu Luxury Feather Handcuffs Bondage Sex Toy bring a whole new meaning to bondage fun, this 27 inch cuff can be used alone or with a partner to restrain your partner’s movements by cuffing their hands and limiting how freely they move, giving you total control to stimulate, pleasure and arouse them in the most erotic manner that you can think of. Whether for self bondage or with a partner, this sensual handcuffs with soft feathers will help you discover your naughty side, Go on and restrain yourself. These soft cuffs are the perfect starting point for someone interested in the sophisticated art of bondage; it’s just the right thing to spice your dull or boring sex life, the experience is just mind blowing and very erotically sexy, in fact, you will relive those sweet moments so much that you will happily submit yourself at the earliest opportunity.



Washing : Wipe down
Colour : Black
Flexibility : Slight
For Who : Female
Brand : Bijoux Indiscrets

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