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Bijoux Indiscrets


Bijoux Petits Bonbons Silky Black Unisex Blindfold

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Surprise may be the best form of attack but it is the very height of pure erotic pleasure, abandon yourself to the gimmicks and sexual amusement of your partner and enjoy indescribable erotic shock waves coursing through your. The power of sight is great, it dominates the other senses, not being aware of your environment is exhilarating and produces an intense response and reaction, everything happens in a blur and the unexpectedness of the action sends shivers down your spine and the hairs on the back of your neck stands at attention, anticipating the next move, keep the surprise coming and your night of love will be full of unforgettable. Surrender yourself to your partner and enjoy the sensations that follow, let yourself be drawn into the surprise. Use our Bijoux Petits Bonbons Silky Black Unisex Blindfold to shield yourself from your lover's intentions, be completely oblivious and let every tough become a surprise. The sense of the unknown allows your body to feel all the thrills of caresses, whispers and smells with a level of intensity previously unknown. Presented in stunning retro packaging, the new Les Petits Bonbons range is perfect for glamorous girls and cute couples. Made of soft satin, this gorgeous eye mask is perfect for naughty blindfold games. Also ideal for shy couples, you need not cover your eyes in shyness, let the eye mask do it for you. You need not be too discreet about the face mask, a casual observer can’t tell its true purpose; so no worries about your little bedroom tool causing any embarrassment. Measures 7 inches across and fitted with an elastic band to hold it, the blind passion mask is a perfect fit for most users. Like the name suggests, it’s just pure blind passion

Specifications of the Bijoux Petits Bonbons Silky Black Unisex Blindfold

Washing : Wipe down
Colour : Black
For Who : Both
Brand : Bijoux Indiscrets
Power : n/a