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Bijoux Indiscrets


Black Luxury Satin Blindfold with Sexy Messages

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The Black Luxury Satin Blindfold with Sexy Messages is a bundle of surprisingly amazing pleasure, carefully timed and positioned touches and caresses will transport your partner to paradise and back, the utter unexpectedness and surprise of the blindfold will heighten the erotic pleasures of any couple, this luxury blindfold is made of very high quality shimmering black satin material, and has a beautifully embroidered Shhh logo that distinguishes it out of any pack, this blindfold has the advantage of being quite long, long enough to go round the head twice, which means that your partners eyes will be completely sealed and there will be no space for peeping, the tying up is also left entirely in your hands, this means that you decide how tight or loose you want your blindfold to be. The Black Luxury Satin Blindfold with Sexy Messages is a game changer; it’s not like your average scarf and brings a whole level of intensity and pleasurable surprise into the intimacy business, this gorgeous blindfold is perfect for naughty blindfold games; it’s also ideal for shy couples, it will make you blind to those things that make you shy, like eye contact with your partner, and it allows you to reach deep into your subconscious and express your hidden desires and true personality. Make yourself completely oblivious and let every touch become a surprise. The sense of the unknown allows your body to feel all the thrills of caresses, whispers and smells with a level of intensity different from anything you have felt before; introduce and explore the element of surprise into your love plays to spice up your intimacy and arouse the most deliciously sensual feelings of your adult life.

Specifications of the Black Luxury Satin Blindfold with Sexy Messages

Washing : Hand wash
Colour : Black
Flexibility : Very
For Who : Both
Brand : Bijoux Indiscrets