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Peaches & Screams

Bubblegum Drumstick Short Fill Vape Juice by Strapped E Liquid 100ml

Our addiction to candy is perhaps an admission that we all love sweet things. Whether is a sweet, a candy or a chewing gum, we almost cannot pass up the opportunity put these treats into our mouths and chew away. One of the most popular sweet or candy is the Bubble Gum. In fact, Bubble Gum is the King of Candy Land allowing us to blow huge balloons while chewing flavoured bases. It is only natural then that we transition this love for Bubble Gum to the Vaping world. Thanks to Strapped, we can fulfil this craving. Introducing the Bubble Drumstick E-Liquid by Strapped E-Liquids - 100ml in 120ml bottle. This E-Liquid is so perfectly tuned it combines double hitting combo of traditional bubble gum with a Drumstick lolly twist with excellent User Experience Design (UED) from Strapped E--Liquids.  This aspect is exemplified by the 70% VG and 30% PG combination that allows it to be used with many other E-Liquids. Perhaps our best suggestion is to make maximum use of the 120ml bottle supplied and do your own Nic Shot. On our end we have found that 2 bottles of 10ml 18mg Strength Nicotine fit nicely to give 120 ml of 3mg Strength E-Liquid with the excellent Bubblegum Drumstick Flavour. Rush and buy now and get bubbly.

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