Corsetti Lingerie

Corsetti Arabella Sexy Black Suspender Body Stocking, UK 8-12

The ultimate seduction lies in the ability to arouse your partner without touching. Visual stimulation is so powerful that even sex toys are made appealing to increase chances of purchase. When it comes to getting your partner to indulge you in your sexual fantasies, it is not enough to just remove all your clothes and stand there stark naked. Sometimes you have to work a bit hard for it, and your lingerie goes a long way in sending the message of time spent making preparations. Getting the right lingerie may be a bit confusing with all the options out there, but when it comes to body stockings there is one that may be just up your alley. The Corsetti Arabella Sexy Black Suspender Body Stocking, UK 8-12 is a full body cover lingerie that is designed to reveal a lot of skin while keeping the most intimate part of your body covered. The lingerie is cupless, letting your boobs take center stage without interference from the crotch. The stocking is sheer, with intricate patterns and sawn-in garters, giving your body that lovely shape while enhancing the glow of your skin. With the nipples so open, this lingerie is great for nipple stimulation, giving you a chance to also incorporate your nipple suckers or clamps without fuss. The lingerie fits sizes 8 to 12, giving you a chance to choose the perfect size for your body. Ensure that you have the greatest seductive item in your closet to help you indulge your wildest fantasies.

Washing : Hand wash
Colour : Black
For Who : Female
Brand : Corsetti Lingerie
Style : Body Tights
Size : One Size (Fits 812)

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