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Corsetti Lingerie


Corsetti Yelena Blue Sexy Night Dress with Matching G-String

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Nightwear is always required to be comfortable, and many people take the chance to put on any piece of old fabric on, like the college sweats and baggy t-shirts. However, getting into bed does not have to include ugly pieces of furniture. It is very easy to combine sexy with sleep time. The Corsetti Yelena Blue Sexy Night Dress with Matching G-String is a beautiful piece of dress that makes sure you do not settle less when it comes to your bedroom night wear. With the satin feel, the dress smoothly caresses your skin, making you feel very supple and soft. The dress is not tight, so you get to freely move with no feeling of restrictions. The lace trimmings at the bottom of the hem and under the bust make for a beautiful addition and greatly improve the look of the dress. The spaghetti straps are adjustable, allowing for a comfortable fit and that beautiful look where the bust positioning of the dress perfectly matches the breast position on your body. The knee length dress makes for a decent wear if you are the conservative type. The dress can also be used as a cover during your seductive session, having your partner pull it over your head just to be met with a beautiful matching thong. The thong comes with the dress, sparing you the hassle of trying to get a pair of matching undies. Embrace your sexy seductress by getting your sleep time some well-deserved sexy attire that ensures you feel as good as you look.

Specifications of Corsetti Yelena Blue Sexy Night Dress with Matching G-String

Washing : Hand wash
Colour : Blue
For Who : Female
Brand : Corsetti Lingerie
Style : Night Dress


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