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Dalia Silicone Menstrual Cup for Women

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Monthly flow is one of the most common occurrences in a woman’s life, and dealing with it has been limited to absorbent products with tampons and sanitary towels being the most common products used. However, some have been flagged due to health concerns as the materials used run a high likelihood of causing health hazards. With the Dalia Silicone Menstrual Cup, the use of pads and tampons is eliminated. The cup makes for a comfortable fit, ideal for all women. The blood collects in the cup and all you have to do is drain the cup after a couple of hours, rinse it and wear it again. This reusability function makes the cup very economical and ends up saving you a lot of money in the long run. Depending on your level of flow, the cup can be worn for up to 12 hours, making it very ideal for long drives and flights. The fit eliminates the occurrence of spillage, giving you an easy time as you do not worry about any embarrassing accidents and incidents. The cup is made from high quality silicone that has high flexibility. This phthalate free material is non-toxic, making it completely safe for internal use. The cup has a non-porous surface, ensuring that no fluids are trapped within the material thereby preventing any bacteria from festering. The cup is environment friendly, ensuring that the environmental conscious people finally get a product that they are 100% comfortable using. Make your menstrual days more comfortable by choosing this delightful product.

Specifications of Dalia Silicone Menstrual Cup for Women

Length : 2.5
Washing : Hot soapy water
Colour : Purple
Flexibility : Very
For Who : Female
Brand : Various Toy Brands
Size : 2.5

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