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Dickalicious Strawberry Flavoured Sex Lube, 2oz

Maybe oral sex is your favorite thing to do but you would like to spice up or sweeten up his cock so it can be in your mouth while giving you a pleasing taste at the same time. With Dickalicious Strawberry Flavoured Sex Lube, 2oz you can have all of that. Dickalicious Strawberry Flavoured Sex Lube, 2oz makes a great gift for your partner who maybe wants a little more blowjob than you can give comfortably. Lube him up and then stroke him with this incredible lubricant. Get him hot and bothered and excited and then suck him off with this incredible strawberry taste in your mouth. Maybe oral sex is his favorite thing to receive from you. Maybe going down on him needs to be more exciting. Sometimes you crave to taste something incredibly amazing but all you get in your mouth is his hard cock. Please him all you want with Incredible flavors from Dickalicious. Put this lube on his hard cock, and suck him off all while your mouth soaks up this incredible strawberry lubricant from Dickalicious. This yummy lube is easy to apply before going down on him. Eat him up and enjoy the incredible flavors of Dickalicious Strawberry Flavoured Sex Lube, 2oz. Dickalicious Strawberry Flavoured Sex Lube, 2oz is available in this perfect two ounce tube. As you check out our entire line of lubricants here from Peaches and Screams, feel free to mix and match. Not only do we have different flavors of this incredible Dickalicious Strawberry Flavoured Sex Lube, 2oz, but we also have all kinds of lubricants for you and your partner to play with until you find the most perfect one for the two of you. Be sure to check out all our edibles and lubes here at Peaches and Screams. We will be happy to ship all of your orders from Peaches and Screams in discreet packages. Available from Dickalicious and Peaches and Screams in banana, strawberry, raspberry, and incredible pina colada flavors, this delicious flavored lube is going to make not only your sex life easier but oral sex even tastier. Shop for Dickalicious Strawberry Flavoured Sex Lube, 2oz now!


Lube Type : Flavoured
Liquid Volume : 2 oz
For Who : Both
Brand : Hott Products Unlimited
Size : 2 oz

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