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System Jo

DONA Kissable Body Topping Lollipop 59ml

Oral stimulation is no longer just confined to kissing the intimate parts as you trail down towards the crotch. Worshipping your partner’s body now means doing all that you can to get their other erogenous stimulated as well as the normal nipples, dick and vagina combination. When it comes to foreplay, more is always better and the greater the adventure the better the whole sexual experience is. To get you going, the DONA Kissable Body Topping Lollipop supplies you with the taste that you require to have you kissing every inch of their body. Infused with pheromones and aphrodisiacs, the body topping tastes wonderful and will be a delightful addition to your foreplay collection. The aphrodisiacs enhance the sensual environment, increasing your inclination towards each other as you find yourselves wanting to get more and more. The DONA Kissable Body Topping Lollipop comes with a blindfold in the package to guide you into the wonderful world of sensory stimulation. Using the applicator, pick your point of interest and start working your way from there. The blindfold ensures that your partner’s senses are on high alert and every stroke of your tongue will have them arching their back begging for more. Keep the mood going as you trail their body with your tongue until you reach your intended destination. Lick the topping off his penis and watch as his body reaches up for more and more. The DONA Kissable Body Topping Lollipop is a great way to change up your foreplay for the better as it is the ultimate sidekick when it comes to oral stimulation.


Liquid Volume : 59ml
For Who : Both
Brand : System Jo
Size : 59ml

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