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Spencer and Fleetwood


Edible Body Paints

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Get frisky in the bedroom with this Edible Body Paints. The Edible Body Paints comes in four fruity and fun flavors that include passion fruit, cherry, pina colada, and strawberry. Spice up and sweeten up the bedroom perks with this Edible Body Paints and have more fun playing around with this messy Edible Body Paint. You and your partner are sure to enjoy this Edible Body Paints during foreplay sessions or even when just messing around playing and loving each other’s bodies intimately. These delicious Edible Body Paints are easy to smear and are tasty on their own so smear away on any part of the body and let your partner do the taste-testing all over you. Have fun with this Edible Body Paints as it is an amazing product for either private use or even at parties. Spice up adult parties in your vicinity by using theseEdible Body Paints and open new possibilities and opportunities of having extra kinky action and adult fun in the area. The Edible Body Paints is also perfect for gifting to your partner, friends, or family members. They are sure to enjoy Edible Body Paints and make great use of them whether they are playing with is just for fun or to level up the kink game in the bedroom during foreplay and what not. This Edible Body Paints comes in a package with stencil and paintbrush, so paint away and enjoy the flavors and colors on yourself and your partner.

Four delicious fruit flavoured body paints Contents, 4 Fruit flavoured edible paints, stencil and paintbrush. Flavours - Passion Fruit - Cherry - Pina Colada - Strawberry

For Who: Both
Features: Edible Paint
Brand: Spencer and Fleetwood