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Apple Ice Shortfill E-Liquid 55ml by Fantasi Vape Juice

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, so the saying goes. Apples have for centuries delivered us from ailments and also given us a little pleasure to enjoy everyday. Everyone loves apples and perhaps it is because of its sweetness or unique delicate flavour tempered by a touch of sourness. What ever the case, there is no lying when we say that anything Apple is good for you. The vaping world has been eagerly waiting for someone to deliver a truly authentic apple taste to the vaping world. It appears to us that the wait is over. Introducing the Fantasi Apple-Ice E-Liquid. This royalty product features one of the most vivid apple flavours that there is out there. The marrying of apple with menthol will leave you so cool that you will imagine that you are at the peak of mountain. But don't take our word for it, many users are boasting how great this purchase is. Fantasi have built a solid reputation of quality products and  in this case, not only is this product of stellar quality, but it comes with 10% extra volume i.e. 55ml of liquid in a 65ml bottle. So it not just Shake and Vape compatible is it also better value for money.  Try our recipe of 18mg 10ml Nicotine shot and mix it properly with the 55ml to get as roughly 65 ml of approximately 3mg strength E-Liquid

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