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Fetish Fantasy Deluxe BDSM Door Cuffs

Do you want to spice things up in the bedroom? You know you have to, don’t you? It’s important to be spontaneous, especially if you’re in a relationship. There are plenty of things you could do, but only so many will actually work. If you consider yourself a daring, rebellious person, then you may want to get into a little BDSM. But where do you start? These door cuffs are guaranteed to heat things up and reignite that spark that you two had when you first met. Think about the past for a second, in the beginning sex between the two of you was passionate and vicious. You need to get back to that if you want to continue this relationship. It’s a very simple set up with enormous benefits. You simply strap your beautiful lady into the cuffs and let her hang there. Once she’s locked in she is all yours. She isn’t going anywhere; all she can do is take every last inch of you. You can have her face the door while you hit her from all angles from the back or you can flip her around and have her wrap her perfect and smooth legs around your waist as you thrust her harder and harder every single time. You can really give her what she deserves with this thing; she has no other option but to stay put. She can cry out and scream for mercy all she wants, but we all know that you aren’t done until you’re done. This truly is a prize for the both of you. She gets to strap herself in and finally let go and give you complete control, while you have the opportunity to do whatever the hell you want to her. It’s a great thing for you two and is guaranteed to spice things up and keep things spontaneous. Get one of your own right now and try it out as soon as the package reaches your front porch. Just don’t break your door while you’re giving your lady the time of her life. Shop for Fetish Fantasy Deluxe BDSM Door Cuffs now!


Length : 22 Inches
Washing : Wipe down
Colour : Black
For Who : Both
Features : Suspension Cuffs
Brand : PipeDream
Size : 22 Inches

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