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Frohle PS001 16mm Power Cuff Penis Ring for Penis Pump

Size Guide

The Frohle 16mm Power Cuff Penis Ring provides amazing support for elongated erection and maintaining it for longer times. It is meant to be used with the penis pump, but can also be used otherwise. It helps erection training when used with a pump. The penis pump is used to enhance the blood flow in the penis and give you a complete erection. This cuff penis ring can then be slipped on. It helps maintain the blood flow so that the erection stays longer. Great way for training as well as masturbation or penetration.

While it is great when used with a pump and for training, it can also be used as a sensation enhancement for your intimate sessions with a partner. It works in amazing way, making your erection last longer, providing greater pleasure for you and your partner. It also adds more sensation to your organ such that every thrust and every stroke (if masturbating) feels more stimulating and enriching to elevate the senses and bring forth an explosive and full orgasm. It also adds more sensation to your partner when thrusting. The penis ring touches the clitoris with every thrust, stimulating it and giving mote pleasure and teasing arousal to your partner. Which means double the pleasure and orgasm for both! Whether you use it with a penis pump for training, or use it to masturbate, it will increase your sensual experience and give you complete satisfaction. Use it with your partner and experience elevated arousal with erotic teasing for both of you.

Washing: Hot soapy water and toy cleaner
Colour: Clear
Flexibility: Very
For Who: Male
Features: For even more effective help with erections
Material: Skin Safe Rubber
Brand: Various Toy Brands