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Peaches & Screams

God Nectar Shortfill E-Liquid 60ml By Bad Drip Vape Juice

At times we are just out to get the heavens sweetness to go along with our vape. It is not only uplifting but also makes us feel so much better because at times life and work can be so tough. So if you are looking to lift yourself out of the doldrums look no further than the God Nectar E-Liquid from Bad Drip. Bad Drip have carved out a reputation of giving us cutting edge E-Liquids that stand head and should above the others. With God Nectar, it seems they have put a further gap on the competition. Just as the name implies, God Nectar is  the best of nature all rolled up into one E-Liquid. We are talking about Passion Fruit, Ripe Orange, Mango and the most sweetest of Guava all put in one miracle bottle. As this great product vaporizes into you will feel the fullness of nature erupt into your palates. Bad Drip have left no stone unturned with this bad boy. It comes with an 80% VG to 20%  PG formulation and is  able to  give the thickest of clouds. With Bad Drip, all their products are made in the USA and this is no exception as this comes out of their state of the art manufacturing facility. Additionally with it being compliant to the Shake and Vape format, it means you can easily put in an extra 10ml to the 50ml E-Liquid thanks to the 60ml bottle. Get ahead with this great offer.

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