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House of Eros Range

House of Eros Panic Hooks 2 Pack

BDSM is a game that has a whole lot of inherent risks and anything could go wrong at any time. For this reason, every accessory comes with a safety guide and the techniques have even more safety regulations. This may seem like too much for some people but it is important to recognize that there is no pleasure to be derived if the submissive is badly hurt. Most of the techniques are fairly safe as you start out, but as the techniques become more complicated and your thirst for more even greater, your safety precautions need upgrading also. The House of Eros Panic Hooks 2 Pack is an accessory designed to help those with a penchant for bondage. While the knots and restraints may seem a bit simple to get out of, there are times when even the most experienced get overwhelmed especially in the case of an emergency. The House of Eros Panic Hooks 2 Pack contains easy release hooks that let you get the submissive out of the position they are in with relative ease. When tied to a different surface, you would need to start untying the knots and that would waste precious time. Moreover, bondage incorporates suspension and there needs to be an easy way to let the submissive down when the need for a quick release arises. For extra safety for your submissive, incorporate these quick release hooks in your set up and reduce the chances of time delay related injuries that will make the difference between minimal and extensive damage. 


Colour : Silver
Flexibility : Firm
For Who : Both
Brand : House of Eros Range

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