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Kamasutra Lubricants


Kama Sutra Erotic Massage Oil Pleasure Garden 200ml

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Kama Sutra is the perfect way to end your day and start your evening. Created for seduction and intimate moments together, this beautiful blend of Kama Sutra essential oils which make up the Massage Oil Pleasure Garden blend are perfect to share with your lover. Essential oils create a powerful aromatherapy within your space which can relax you, turn you on, or even seduce your senses. This Kama Sutra Massage Oil Pleasure Garden blend includes Italian jasmine, rose, and lavender for relaxing and romantic seduction. Sandalwood offers a woody scent that will relax your muscles and help you sleep once your evening is finished. But before tackling sleep, be sure to apply this incredible Pleasure Garden massage oil blend form Kama Sutra all over your lover’s sore and tired muscles and their most sensitive areas for a sensual massage. We all have long and tough days whether at home or at work. Some days may be tougher than others. Some days leave our bodies hurting, sore, and longing for a soft, sensual touch. Kama Sutra Massage Oil Pleasure Garden is formulated with incredible sensual and enticing blend of oils. Start your evening with a massage creating a soft and romantic mood, and end your evening with fantastic orgasms and incredible sex after touching one another and enticing with Kama Sutra Massage Oil. With this delicate blend, you can set the mood and take your evening wherever you’d like it to go. Peaches and Screams has a wonderful line of Kama Sutra products, including other massage oils to improve your bedroom life, relax your body, or awaken your senses. Be sure to check out our entire line and mix and match to meet your needs. We will ship all your Peaches and Screams orders directly to your door in a discreet package. Shop for Kama Sutra Erotic Massage Oil Pleasure Garden 200ml now!

Specifications of Kama Sutra Erotic Massage Oil Pleasure Garden 200ml

Lube Type : Oil Based
Liquid Volume : 200mls
For Who : Both
Brand : Kamasutra Lubricants
Size : 200mls