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Kamasutra Lubricants


Kama Sutra Massage Oil Soaring Spirit 200ml

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Ignite your senses and invigorate your soul with Kama Sutra Erotic Massage Oil Soaring Spirit 200ml. Kama Sutra massage oils are blends of essential oils meant to awaken your soul, heal your tired and sore muscles, and increase your energy. These essential oils are delicately blended for the best experience you can offer your partner. Give a Kama Sutra massage to your lover by introducing a fabulous massage oil blend from Kama Sutra to your bedroom. This Soaring Spirit blend brings the energy of orange and citrus to the refreshing peppermint and spearmint. Geranium, fennel, and ginger wrap up this blend for an invigorating energetic experience. Seduce your mind, body, and soul. Give your lover this massage oil and have then touch your, rub it into your skin massaging your muscles until you are both renewed, relaxed, and turned on. With this delicate blend, you get to set the mood and take your evening wherever you’d like it to go. Romance with a massage is a great way to end your evening with amazing sex. Peaches and Screams has a wonderful line of Kama Sutra products, including other massage oils to improve your bedroom life, relax your body, or awaken your senses. Kama Sutra is the perfect way to end your day and start your evening. Created for seduction and intimate moments together, this beautiful blend of Kama Sutra essential oils which make up the Massage Oil Soaring Spirit blend are perfect to share with your lover. Explore Kama Sutra together. Bring the ancient practices into your bedroom. Explore your lover with amazing massages using Kama Sutra Erotic Massage Oil Soaring Spirit 200ml. Be sure to check out our entire line and mix and match to meet your needs. We will ship all your Peaches and Screams orders directly to your door in a discreet package. Shop for Kama Sutra Erotic Massage Oil Soaring Spirit 200ml now!

Specifications of Kama Sutra Massage Oil Soaring Spirit 200ml

Lube Type : Oil Based
Liquid Volume : 100mls
For Who : Both
Brand : Kamasutra Lubricants
Power : n/a
Size : 200mls