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Rimba Black Leather Gag And Latex Penis Dildo With Buckles

by Rimba
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Gag your partner's mouth during bondage play or intense sexual moments with the leather penis mouth gag. The penis mouth gags are ideal for both men and women comes with a softball to bite on during extreme stimulations. It is a great product because your partner will find it quite exciting when the penis mouth gag is pushed in the mouth and behind the teeth. It's a very submissive feeling, and with the feeling of your mouth full, it makes you give in since you have no control over when it comes out. The penis mouth is a tool used to enforce authority over your partner to limit the freedom of expression by speaking.

The penis mouth gag gives the power to take control by the master. Do you want to turn your partner submissive unconsciously, then look no more since the leather penis mouth gag will subdue them and the best feeling of a lifetime. The gag is made of leather and black with a penis, making this leather penis mouth gag enjoyable. In terms of flexibility, it is firm to one great satisfaction, and since both use it, make it a must since it has adjustable head straps that fit well.

Specifications of Leather Penis Mouth Gag

Fastening : Buckle
Washing : Wipe down
Colour : Black
Flexibility : Firm
For Who : Both
Features : Rubber gag
Brand : Rimba
Size : One Size

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Unique design, comfortable fit, and added kink to BDSM play

I recently had the opportunity to try out the Leather Penis Mouth Gag from Peaches and Screams, and I'm here to provide an honest review based on my personal experience:

The product arrived in discreet packaging, which is always appreciated for privacy. Upon unboxing, I was intrigued by the unique design of this gag. The black leather and the attached penis-shaped gag created an interesting visual impact.

Comfort is crucial when it comes to any bondage accessory, and I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable this gag was to wear. The leather straps felt soft against my skin, and the adjustable nature of the straps allowed for a snug but not overly tight fit. I didn't experience any discomfort or chafing during use.

This gag certainly provides a different experience compared to traditional gags. The penis-shaped gag was an interesting twist and added an element of kink and arousal to the play. It effectively muffled my speech and provided a level of control and vulnerability. It's important to note that the sensations and emotions evoked by this gag are quite unique and may not be suitable for everyone.

The overall quality of the Leather Penis Mouth Gag appeared durable, with no signs of wear or damage after use. Cleaning was straightforward; I wiped it down with a damp cloth and allowed it to air dry.

The penis-shaped gag is visually striking but may not suit all preferences or scenarios. Some users may prefer a more traditional design without the added visual element. Additionally, like all gags, it's essential to prioritize safety and communication when using this accessory.

In conclusion, the Leather Penis Mouth Gag from Peaches and Screams offers a unique twist on traditional gags for those looking to add a playful and visually stimulating element to their BDSM play. It's comfortable to wear and provides effective restraint and control. However, users should carefully consider their preferences and boundaries before incorporating such a distinctive design into their play.