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Lollipop Licks Edible Condoms

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Edible condoms are all the rage. Lollipop Licks Edible Condoms come in various flavors. Peaches and Screams has everything you need in our Bedroom Essentials collection to add to the excitement of your bedroom experience. This fun novelty condom has mouth-watering flavors such as passion fruit, cherry, mint, strawberry, pink Champagne, banana, and pina colada. Make a game out of putting one of these condoms over your boyfriend's hard cock and then going down on him like a lickable lollipop. Novelty condoms add a bit of fun and carnival excitements to your bedroom play. Oral sex has never been better than when it has an added flavor. Improve and enhance your sex life and touch by using Lollipop Licks Edible Condoms over his rock hard cock to please both of you. Entice your senses with wonderful flavors that get better the more you suck. Lollipop Licks Edible Condoms here at Peaches and Screams add another layer of enticing interest. Maybe you would like to experiment on blowjobs. Maybe it's not your favorite thing to do. But have no fear with lollipop licks edible condoms, blowjobs are fun and easy to do. Add some fun into your life and try some edible condoms today here from Peaches and Screams. Sex isn't always about romance or simply getting laid. Sex can be fun and sweet and sensual as well. Add a little candy to your life, and add a little flavor to your bedroom. Try lollipop licks from Peaches and Screams today. Here at Peaches and Screams, we protect your privacy with everything from your ordering and billing, all the way to your packaging and shipping. Your information is kept discreet. Your lollipop licks edible condoms will be delivered to your doorstep in discreet packaging so you can get started with your edible fun right away. Shop for Lollipop Licks Edible Condoms now!

Specifications of Lollipop Licks Edible Condoms

Length : 4 x Condoms
Brand : My Joy Collection
Size : 4 x Condoms

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