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Lubido 500ml Paraben Free Water Based Sex Lubricant

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There is always a problem with insertion whether in the case of toys or in the case of having Intercourse. To avoid those rupture while having fun, everyone’s been using certain kind of lubricants which might be harmful to the human body in some way. The ingredients used in the lubricants that are widely available for a cheap price in the market may not be the right choice for your pleasuring acts. Some contain artificial crude oils which are dangerous with direct contact of the human body. And paraben is the most common ingredient in those king of lubricants. 

Lubido has brought you the paraben-free water-based lubricant for your usage. Either for massaging or for easy insertion in the Intercourse without the ruptures and tears in the skin. The lube is water-based and the major ingredient in the lubido lubricant is the aloe Vera gel. Which is rich in natural agents which let you feel a natural warmth with its touch. The antibacterial lube is safe for longer use on the body without any precautions. Buy a lubidoparaben free water based lubricant from online and slide in with a smooth touch. 


  • The lubricant is available in a 500ml container with an airtight seal to ensure the long and safe storage of the liquid inside it. 
  • The lube is completely condom safe and easy to clean with a wipe of water after every use. 
  • The liquid spreads evenly over the body to spread the heat all over the applied area. 
  • The anal ease formulae are developed to enable easy insertion through the anus. 


Lube Type: Water Based
Liquid Volume: 500ml
For Who: Both
Brand: Lubido