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Menthol Mist E-Liquid 10ml By Pocket Fuel Vape Juice

Since the early days of candy making, the taste off Menthol has always been such a delight to any candy connoisseur. Perhaps it is the cooling effect or the refreshing effect of menthol, no doubt, we seem to all love. It is no surprise therefore that Pocket Fuels offer us their extremely exciting and totally cool Menthol Mist E-Liquid packed in a handy 10ml bottle. This refreshing and soothing e-Liquid is the perfect combination of sweet peppermint and cooling menthol that is such a delight to have you will be left asking for more. When we tried the Pocket Fuel's Menthol Mist, we fully understood why it is so highly rated. The formulation by Pocket Fuel is so groundbreaking you will be left feeling so intensely cool and so refreshed that you will almost forget that you are vaping. In fact so strong and perfect is this flavour that you can substitute mints for it. It is that good. But don't take our word for it. Buy it here now and get to taste nature in a bottle. Remember we also have the best offers of Mod Kits anywhere so why not also check them out by searching Mod Kits on our website www.peachesandscreams.co.uk

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