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MY.SIZE Lubricated Transparent Large Condoms, 60 mm, Pack of 10

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What is the perfect sex for you? Isn’t the sex which doesn’t make you a parent? I am sure on that, but finding the perfect set of condoms for yourself can be hard. Knowing that many times you lose yourself a bit and put your leg forward for a hardcore act. These lubricated transparent large condoms are or you then, SMU of this product is E27211 and the product is MY.SIZE Lubricated Transparent Large Condoms. The size you get is 60 mm in the pack of 10 condoms.  


Getting one of the most authentic and trustable brands to bring these perfect set of condoms for you. These are larger than actual size and hence give more security than usual. This pack of large condoms are of 60 mm size. With a pack of 10 condoms. These are made of primary attention of doctors keeping in mind the security, you need. These are of natural latex material which gives the elasticity of need in the condoms. These are made for the European audience, primarily. Let yourself the lubricated condoms for a more passionate drive into her sexual configurations. Buy these MY.SIZE Lubricated Transparent Large Condoms of 60 mm in a Pack of 10, at a very affordable price. Stay away from bizarre sexual contact diseases. Take a step forward and enjoy your sex without caring about the child you might conceive if you didn’t click on the order button. 

Brand: My.Size