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Peaches & Screams

Peach E-liquid Short Fill 120ml by Next Big Thing Vape E-Juice

One of most appreciated flavours in the world are fruit flavours. The unique thing about fruits is that the hundreds of fruits have different flavours and these flavours also vary by geographical location. One of  the most powerful flavours in the world is the Georgia Peach Flavour. This peach from this wonderful state in the USA is renowned for its often raspy, wild and tingly flavour that leaves the taste buds yearning for more. Thanks to the excellent work of the Research and Development at Next Big Thing, the delights of Georgia Peach are now available to the vaping world, globally. The Next Big Thing's Georgia Peach Flavour E-Liquid  is delivered in the flavour of Peach Hard Candy making it so bold and mouth watering that it will make you literally jump out of your seat. What is more refreshing is the value for money that is delivered. This exotic flavour comes as 100ml of E-Liquid in a 120 ml bottle. This means that if you get two of our Nic Shots you  can fill it up and get 120ml of Georgia Peach Flavoured 3mg  Strength Nic E-Liquid. Just imagine that. Thanks to excellent product development, the George Peach Flavoured E-Liquid can be mixed with most of our Nic Shots because it comes as 70% VG and 30% PG ratio. So why wait longer, enjoy the taste of Georgia's finest peach.

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