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Nexus ISTIM Electro Shock Cock Ring One Size Fits All

You’re fine with your sex life. You’re satisfied and have nothing to complain about. It’s great and you enjoy it. You wouldn’t mind perhaps lasting a little bit longer or maybe being a little bigger than you are, but overall, it’s okay. Right? Most people are content with their love life mostly because they have no idea how much better it can get and how quickly you can actually improve it. Just ask anyone who’s worn something as simple as a cock ring. A good cock ring can make you harder, bigger and more sensitive than you normally are in a matter of seconds. It gives you those rock hard pulsating boners by restricting blood flow and forcing your blood into your penis making it hard as steel. Once you put one of these on sex is instantly more intense and pleasurable. So much so it is easy to see why they are famous around the world. But, there is another level of pleasure and ecstasy that few have heard of or experienced. If you haven’t already heard, electric shocks can cause intense feelings of arousal and some of the most incredible sensations and orgasms one has ever felt. This is relatively new but people all around the world have been experimenting with this and the response has been overwhelming. People love it and have reported some of the most powerful orgasms they’ve ever experienced in their entire lives. Does this sound interesting to you? If it does, you are in luck because this Nexus ISTIM Electro Shock Cock Ring One Size Fits All provides not only the extreme benefits of a typical high quality cock ring but it also allows you to feel those tiny electric shocks that have been driving the entire world crazy. Connect this cock ring to your Nexis ISTIM and allow those little bolts of electricity to repeatedly explore your entire body until it eventually brings you to an intense mind numbing orgasm that leaves you curling your toes and gasping for air. This here is truly a device like no other, put one of these on you’ll find yourself a lot bigger and a lot hornier than you’ve ever been. Not only will you experience one of the most blinding orgasms of your life but just imagine what you’re going to put your partner through once you’ve got one of these on. The two of you are guaranteed to have the time of your lives. Shop for Nexus ISTIM Electro Shock Cock Ring One Size Fits All now!


Diameter : 1.25 - 1.5 Inches
Colour : Black
Flexibility : Stretchy
For Who : Male
Brand : Nexus

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