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Novelty Pecker Penis Lollipop Mold

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There’s nothing to get the party going like a bunch of well-placed chocolates and sweets, especially homemade ones. If you are among those who have a penchant for gifting friends and family signature sweets, get in touch with your naughty side and hand out a few surprises in your life. The Novelty Pecker Penis Lollipop Mold is a great way to pull a joke on everyone, or even the best part of a pecker themed party. Stag nights are known for the randy conversations, sexy strippers and even naughtier games. To top it all off add some pecker sweets for the attendees to suck on as they get the entertainment going or even pecker chocolate sticks. The incredible part about this mold is the 6 molds per run, allowing you to produce enough molds within a short time frame. Make this a game by using the molds to make your single friends chocolates on Valentine’s Day or even gifting then to someone you think needs a little cheer. The Novelty Pecker Penis Lollipop Mold is a great addition to your kitchen collection, combining the skills you have with a bit of a naughty personality. After a little while, your gifts will be something people love and expect, making you the Santa of pecker chocolates. Take this chance to make your parties even more interesting by using the peckers as ice breakers, and enjoy the stag party invitations that flow your way over and over again. Small things matter, and this is one way you get to leave a mark.

Specifications of the Novelty Pecker Penis Lollipop Mold

Brand : PipeDream

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